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Free Open Community Libraries:   Let’s Library Together!

Re-inventing the "free public library" as a grassroots community-resource, making "library" a verb — a co-operative activity of individuals gathering and distributing resources (ranging from traditional books to advanced high-tech and know-how),  gladly learning and teaching so that:

We can all library together now. When we library together, we serve and build our communities — giving and receiving support for each other's cultural development and common well-being.


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Description: The word for _blanket_ in languages around the world

Carving of the peplos blanket ceremony, from the Parthenon

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Mar 27 — Apr 9






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New Blankets helps develop benevolent communities and assists them to be more effective



New Blankets invents new ways of circulating and sharing open and free resources.



New Blankets designs and/or adapts new technologies so that technology better serves community co-operation.





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 Springfield Community Makers (SCM) Is Launched! 

You can Meet the Springfield Community Makers
every Sunday from 1:00 — 4:00 PM
1227 South Pasfield
(northwest corner of South Grand and Pasfield)

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