How to have your pledge amount matched (=doubled)
             by the Sponsor of the Day

1) Find out the date when your organization will be highlighted,
— on the

2) Then, on that specific netcast date, send your pledge e-mail to to:

(In the Subject: line of your pledge e-mail, put
3) Follow-up your pledge! Send your payment to cover the pledge ASAP to New Blankets —
   (by check, PayPal, BillPay service, bitcoin or other means you choose):

  1. By check or Bill-Pay service:
    USPS Address for New Blankets
    New Blankets Inc c/o SDCCU
    6545 Sequence Drive
    San Diego, CA 92121

  2. Via PayPal transfer money to a friend method:
    Send to:

Your PAYMENT must be — received within two weeks of your pledge —
if you want to double your contribution by the sponsor's challenge donation.